PiscesDear Pisces,

Pisces is the end. There is no new sign after Pisces. The only hope is going back to Aries. In the meantime what do you do?

You learn to work through the fluid nature of a water sign that is also mutable. Water makes you motivated by deeply felt yearnings and desires. Mutable brings sensitivity and an inclination to adapt to whatever situation you find yourself in.

You relate to life through an emotional sense of oneness which you may not even be aware of yet from it springs creativity and the will to dedicate yourself to the arts and others – anything to bring dreams of what could be to the environment around you.

Enchantment, imagination, and situations that call for empathy energize you. You can actually feel the feelings of others. You seek to understand what can be saved and what cannot so that you can be of higher service to yourself, your creations, and your environment with all that is. You are visionary person. When you are willing, you provide a compassionate and dedicated presence to the people around you.

In the northern hemisphere that gave birth to astrology, the Sun’s passage through Pisces coincides with the last part of winter where people are yearning for spring. So it is with Pisces: yours is a sign that feels the new thing that is to come, without necessarily knowing what that new thing is.

Pisces archetypes include:

  • The Poet
  • The Dreamer
  • The Redeemer
  • The Illusionist

Proper care and feeding of your Sun sign means:

  • Opening your imagination to larger contexts
  • Seeking opportunities for devoted service
  • Learning how to protect your highly sensitive and attuned nature
  • Continually surrendering to whatever you believe to be your higher power



P.S.: Sun Signs are only a very small part of Astrology.

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