AspectsIn astrology, an aspect is a significant angular relationship between two astrological factors such as two planets. Significant aspects are derived by division of the 360 degrees by prime numbers. For example:

Division by two gives us the opposition aspect – two factors are 180 degrees apart, right across from each other. The points involved have a relationship featuring a direct one-to-one interaction as a pair.

If you have two planets or the Moon or the Sun involved in an opposition, chances are the person begins life by identifying with one side and projecting the other. This means you experience the other side through someone or something else. Of course, as we mature, the hope is always that the we will see that this dynamic is really internal and learn to balance between what is represented by the two points.

If you understand the oppositions in your horoscope, you understand factors that contribute to the agenda you bring to your relationships.

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