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Temperament – Michael Barwick Astrologer


Temperament is a person’s basic physical-psychological make-up. It is an ancient idea.

Each horoscope contains a number of clues as to person’s unique elemental balance. Typically, a calculation of temperament involves the season of birth, the rising sign, and all the influences on the horoscope’s Moon, among many other factors.

The four temperaments based on the combination of hot and cold with moist and dry:

Sanguine (hot and moist) people are said to be the healthiest. They are highly sociable and enjoy the company of other people as well as the pleasures in life. They mean well, but sometimes spread themselves too thin. Every sanguine person needs to be careful not to let their sweet tooth run away with them. This temperament corresponds to the Spring season and the Air element.

Choleric (hot and dry) people can be domineering, but it’s only because they know what needs to be done and think others should see it that way as well. The fact that they think they can lead others to do what they firmly believe is the right action tells you something about how ambitious they are. This temperament corresponds to the Summer season and the Fire element.

Melancholic (cold and dry) people can feel depressed both by the responsibilities that they are acutely aware of and feeling walked on all the time. They provide trustworthy and prudent counsel, but can be overcautious and suffer from low self esteem. However, they have a strong work ethic and are basically sensible people. This temperament corresponds to the Fall season and the Earth element.

Phlegmatic (cold and moist) people have a strong feeling nature and the most relaxed temperament. They like comfort. Their temperament is the least likely to be ambitious and thus tend to be slow to take action. They tend to be somewhat shy but make very good listeners. They need to watch their tendency to be self-pitying. This temperament corresponds to the Winter season and the Water element.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a pure type. Learn about how the temperaments are reflected in your horoscope by having an All About You reading.

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