AriesDear Aries,

Before you read the article below, you should read my article about the Sun Signs in general.

When you are being typical,  your Sun in the element of fire makes you motivated by your intuition. Like all Fire signs, you relate to life through a symbolic system of personal myth with yourself cast as the super hero. This can make you quite dramatic with the ability to deliver considerable impact. Because Aries is also a cardinal sign, you are dynamic and action-oriented. You are learning about courage and those who wise know that courage is the overcoming of fear, not its elimination.

Being a Sun Sign Aries is considered an exalted placement in astrology. The Sun does very well here: Aries people are typically blessed with large amounts of vital energy to work with. That inborn enthusiasm needs at least one channel of expression. But you don’t have to save the world. It is enough to become a light who serves as an example for others to follow in your path.

Images for Aries include:

  • The White Knight
  • The Adventurer
  • The Daredevil
  • The Pioneer
  • The Leader
  • The Champion

Self-development means:

  • Living an active life
  • Seeking opportunities to break new creative ground
  • Learning how to assert yourself appropriately to advance your agenda
  • Continually setting your next target

Associated with the coming of spring (in the northern hemisphere anyway), Aries is where the zodiac begins. When the Sun crosses into the sign, International Astrology Day is celebrated.



P.S.: Sun Signs are only a very small part of Astrology.

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