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Learn about the fixed stars and how to use them to sharpen your interpretation of an individual’s horoscope

Once upon a time, every luminous body in the sky was considered a “star.” The Sun and Moon were differentiated as the greater and lesser lights, but Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, plus the visible stars, nebulae, comets, meteorites (“shooting stars”), and comets (“hairy stars”) were all considered stars.

It is from this understanding that astrology, literally the study (logos) of the stars (astra), was born.

While astrology included a wide variety of naturally illuminating objects in the sky and notionally regarded them as “stars,” it did come to differentiate between two obvious major classes:

  1. The moving stars, which included the Sun, Moon and five visible planets (“planet” has the same root meaning to wander); and,
  2. The fixed stars, the stars that form the constellations of legend, lore, and myth.

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