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Leo New Moon: A Fight to the Finish?

A New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon come together in the sky. New Moons of course initiate the monthly cycle of lunar phases. The beginnings of things are very important moments for the astrologer, so the beginning of the lunar cycle horoscope could tell us something about the overall themes over the next 4 weeks. The horoscope of the New Moon is the… Continue reading

2014: Year of the Wood Horse

When someone says the word “hobby horse”, somehow I always visualize them as being made of wood. So what to make of this combination this 2014 Lunar New Year? In the symbolism of the horse we find the hero or the supporting companion. Both Black Beauty or the Lone Ranger’s Silver mount. Will we get on our high horse and look down… Continue reading

New Website Launch!

Greetings and well met fair  traveller to my newly re-designed website and blog. May blessings be upon you just for stopping by!

If you have not been here before, be sure to look around: About Me, AstrologySun Signs, Services and  my blog posts accessible from the Home page. If you like what you see, want to… Continue reading