Michael speaking for Astrology Toronto November 16, 2013

Wish Upon Your Fixed Stars

Wish Upon Your Fixed StarsFixed stars are the natural pinpoint lights in the sky that appear not to move in reference to each other. These are the stars that form the constellations, the carriers of myth and legend.

Fixed stars are contentious and controversial. The tradition that has been handed down to us has pretty black-and-white meanings for the fixed stars. If you happen to have a planet conjunct a “bad” star, too bad for you. Even the so-called good stars can bring harm, if they are connected to “malefic”  planets, namely Mars and Saturn. However, relatively recently, new voices have been talking about fresh approaches to the fixed stars. Unfortunately, the two sides don’t speak to each other.

This workshop represents a synthesis between the two schools and presents the fixed stars as aspirational symbols, each one having their own gifts, agendas, and dark sides. Knowing how the fixed stars are configured in your natal chart gives you unique insight about your potential. Michael will discuss the meanings of some of the most important stars and give you the skills for approaching the interpretation of any fixed star. Plenty of example horoscopes will be presented showing the power of the fixed stars in the horoscopes of iconic personalities.

Saturday November  16 @ 1.30 pm, Northern District Library, 40 Orchardview Blvd Rm 200, Toronto, ON

Astrology Toronto members get it free; for non-members, the cost is $20 CDN