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Libra – Michael Barwick Astrologer


LibraDear Libra,

If you haven’t read it yet, you might want to check out my article on Sun Signs in general before you read the article below.

In the northern hemisphere, the harvest may be gathered in Virgo but it is Libra where the issue of its fair distribution arises. Like all air Signs, Libra when you are being typical,  are motivated by social ideals and mental processes. Because you are a cardinal sign, you are action-oriented and dynamic. In short: you are pushy with your ideas, but you do it with such grace and charm that of course, everyone sees your side and is going to be civilized about it.

You relate to life through your interactions with others as well as the opposites within yourself. The virtue you are developing in this life is justice by which we mean true fairness in your dealings with all.

One-on-one relationships energize  you. You’re not yourself without a partner. You seek to get along well with others and to be a compromising and civilizing presence in the world. Because of your ability to see both sides of an issue, give yourself permission to go through your process of balancing them off and coming to a decision. Don’t let yourself be rushed into selecting one option when you haven’t thoroughly explored other options. If you’re true to who you are, you’ll arrive at what’s fair.

Traditionally, Libra is not considered a good placement for the Sun as the Sun becomes involved too much in the lives of others to be itself. I say nonsense: it is through others that you find yourself. Libra cannot be itself in a vacuum. Relationships are where Libra finds itself whether it be relationship to another person or another idea. It’s always the dualism that makes for an integrated Libran.

Libran archetypes include:

  • The Diplomat
  • The Strategist
  • The Pretender
  • The Gentle Dove
  • The Fist of Steel in the Velvet Glove

Proper care and feeding of your Sun sign means:

  • Partnering appropriately with others
  • Finding common purpose with the many significant others in your life
  • Learning how to balance your internal opposing forces that can always argue for both sides
  • Continually exposing yourself to what you find beautiful



P.S.: Sun Signs are only a very small part of Astrology.

To learn so much more about your horoscope, consider having a reading.