A Star of Hope for 2020

It isn’t difficult to find things wrong with the world as it is today. We have:

  • A planetary environment in clear human-originating decay, of which the covid-19 pandemic for all its destructiveness is but one of many severe symptoms;
  • The all too real enduring systemic legal and economic injustices in many places in the world in regards to gender, race, class, creed, sexual orientation and gender identities; and,
  • The extreme divisiveness of polarization that’s threatening to go even beyond the demonization of those whose politics differ from our own.

Disturbing times indeed.

The intense alignments we’ve seen so far in 2020 reflect these conditions. Namely, Saturn-Pluto and Jupiter-Pluto with significant Mars connections at critical junctures together sufficient to set the year ablaze with pandemic, rupture, and despair. People are seeking mental health services in record demand as our capacity to manage consensus reality continues to be stretched. The restrictions to keep us physically well make us decidedly mentally unwell.

Good news! A new influence is coming

An influence of an entirely different sort is heralded by an alignment happening near the end of the year on December 21st at 2:20:18 p.m. EST: Jupiter will conjoin with Saturn exactly in the sign of Aquarius.

Jupiter and Saturn are the outermost planets we can see consistently with the naked eye.1 As such Jupiter-Saturn represents pairs of socio-cultural opposites: church and state; faith and science; and, when it comes to the business cycle, the forces of expansion and contraction. When these principles are in concert about how things should be planned and executed, the whole coalesces around a consensus and societies and the engines that drive them shift accordingly.

Jupiter and Saturn since antiquity have symbolized god-kings and the coming conjunction has been quite visibly apparent in the sky for some time. I’m calling the perfection of the conjunction a #starofhope for four reasons:

Why is the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction a star of hope?

First, it’s the first major conjunction in a different sign. In 2020, we have been consumed by the Capricorn alignments representing violated boundaries and the urgency of containment and the re-establishment of order, manifesting most strikingly in our efforts to treat our collective dis-ease, covid-19. This coming conjunction has an entirely different flavor and ought to be viewed at the very least as some much very much needed fresh air.

Secondly, this conjunction is happening in the first degree of Aquarius, which means it connects to what astrologers call the world axis by an aspect whose fundamental meaning is opportunity. The conjunction is a gift for the individuals of the world to do something good in concert, if folks are willing to put the effort in to make things so together. The promise is participation, but nothing here is automatic.

Thirdly, this conjunction kicks off a near 200 year period during which these planets will be conjoining in air signs (Aquarius, Libra and Gemini). The last epoch of nearly exclusively earth sign Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions began in 1842 and ended in 2000. This shift from earth to air is extremely significant if you take the long view:

  • The air element is about rationality and discussion. It’s much more abstract than concrete earth, which focuses on the objective physical reality of things.
  • As Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions will be happening repeatedly in this element beyond our lifetimes, it’s reasonable to expect business cycles going forward will be centered around developments related to mind, thoughts, ideas, concepts and their relationships. What we’ve seen so far in terms of an “Information Age” is only beginning.

Fourthly, the conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn is notable because Aquarius isn’t just another sign. It’s the sign associated with the coming (or already arrived, depending on who you believe) new age. Now whether you roll your eyes over the Age of Aquarius and the song from the sixties or have a more fleshed out understanding of what it might represent in terms of a new era for a consciousness-centered humanity, it seems obvious that while in the West at least that traditional forms of spirituality are being abandoned, the desire for spiritual connection has only increased.  People are waking up to the need to be awakened!

The Star of Hope Reading 2020

Jupiter and Saturn are the archetypal teachers: one fat, jolly, visionary, and seemingly permissive and the other tall, thin, serious, and exacting, yet dry of wit. Aquarius symbolizes knowledge that even stretches into the future. This conjunction plants a seed in every person’s chart that will take 20 years or more to fully harvest.

A fruitful question could be what do you want to learn about and develop over the next 20 years? To answer this question, I’m providing a special reading at a very special price:

Discover the exciting new potential in your life indicated by the Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius conjunction. In addition, we’ll look to 2021, and how you can take strategic advantage of the upcoming planetary positions and your individual predictive factors in the upcoming year.

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1. Uranus can be seen with the naked eye, but only ideal conditions.?