Leo New Moon: A Fight to the Finish?

Sun and MoonA New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon come together in the sky. New Moons of course initiate the monthly cycle of lunar phases. The beginnings of things are very important moments for the astrologer, so the beginning of the lunar cycle horoscope could tell us something about the overall themes over the next 4 weeks. The horoscope of the New Moon is the birth chart of the month.

This Leo New Moon horoscope (26 July 2014 at 6:41:44 PM EDT) was conjunct the planet Jupiter, which expands thing. This increases the symbolic impact of the horoscope: there is expectancy that something big is going to happen. There is  enormous tension coming from key planets. There is pressure to change, there are blocks, considerable challenges, and a lack of  respect. The turbulent times in which we are living are likely to intensify over the month unless dramatic action breaks through the blocks that prevents the struggling forces from integrating .

The Sun, Moon and Jupiter are all together in Leo. This combination suggests a character who thinks of herself or himself as one of the “good guys,” justified in what they do and expressing themselves in a dramatic or over-the-top manner. They may do good things but they may not be intelligent in how they approach doing good things. They could be directing their fire to the wrong target.  There’s a lot of vision in this coming together of these planets in Leo: it is all about the impulse for big self expression. .

This Leo combination of the Sun, Moon and Jupiter is set against (squares to use the astrological term for it) Mars in Scorpio. A square between the fixed signs of Leo and Scorpio are inherently power centred: they have different goals regarding what the future should look like. Mars in Scorpio is a completely different entity: the drive for self-assertion that is powered by sheer emotional endurance. Planets placed in this tough water sign are prepared to go into the darkness to obtain what their intense feelings desire. Scorpio, as the textbooks often say, is about intensity.

Mars in Scorpio thinks of itself and is to some extent one of the “good guys” but sees its goodness grounded in a rough realism and its ability to see deeply into and navigate through the “real world” and what lies beneath it. This world of course is the Scorpio feeling picture of life built from experience drawn from dark and light places. Through this feeling based map, Mars in Scorpio can piece together pretty quickly what’s at the base of things. If the Leo-identified folks are hiding anything, or who are behaving in a corrupt manner, Mars in Scorpio can soon suss it out.

Globally, the Leo planets suggest the established order; Mars represents those elements that challenge the established orders. Think of the Middle East, Ukraine, Iraq, and Afghanistan. It’s all the same: there is a hierarchy and those from the bottom are waging war with those on the top. This has been going on for sometime now due to the continuing influence of the Uranus-Pluto square, but the New Moon chart suggests a more personal involvement.

So it is up to us to take up the challenge because after all, you can’t control what is happening in the world (you only have your sphere of influence where you can make a positive difference).  What could this cosmic struggle mean for us personally?

Leo set against Scorpio suggests a struggle between true pride and false pride. Pride as you may know is one of the seven deadly sins and goes before a fall. This is false pride. True pride is something else.

True pride is a proper sense of your own value. If you have true pride, you have the correct level of respect for who you are as a person, your accomplishments, your challenges, and life as a whole.

Such a delicate balance: not to feel inferior or superior in regards to others. Attaining a position in properly aligned to yourself. Both Leo and Scorpio struggle with this balance. And now their different ways are in conflict.  Leo takes pride in its inherent greatness; Jupiter in the mix can be too much pride. Scorpio’s false pride may lie in how many intense situations they have managed to escape from rather than the deep compassion they have developed by looking deeply enough..

What to do under this influence? Self-reflect and take action.  Where is the battle in you? What is the establishment that seems to have right on its side in you and what are the forces arrayed against it? What parts of yourself are you having difficulty integrating. The deep dark mystery to explore is how you may be undermining yourself: how internal struggles are preventing you from taking action you should be taking.

We all need to tap into what this difficult yet potentially dynamic combination suggests. Where Leo and Scorpio can blend is in the cathartic power of deep emotional expression.

Stressed? Angry? Irritated? Feeling blocked? Rather than blowing up at someone, find a productive way to live it out. Write about it. Take primal scream therapy. Paint it. Take on a project that you have enthusiasm for and would be very personally meaningful to you. Cry. You can handle the dramatic nature of the combination if you learn not to let yourself be overwhelmed by the intensity of it and let it express itself in safe ways.

And fun ways too. Maybe you can make the fight to the finish a playful game fueled by passionate desire. . The intent of this Leo New Moon is for such a game  in which all the players can participate in with great gusto!