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Michael speaking for Astrology Toronto November 16, 2013

Wish Upon Your Fixed Stars

Fixed stars are the natural pinpoint lights in the sky that appear not to move in reference to each other. These are the stars that form the constellations, the carriers of myth and legend.

Fixed stars are contentious and controversial. The tradition that has been handed down to us has pretty black-and-white meanings for the fixed stars. If you happen… Continue reading

The Rob Ford Scandal Is Mirrored in Toronto’s Horoscope

It may come as a surprise to some, but horoscopes are not just for people. Anything that comes into existence at a particular moment in time has its own unique arrangement of astrological factors. You can cast a horoscope for the launching of a ship or building, the founding of a nation, the birth of pets, or in the case of this post, the establishment… Continue reading

Mercury is Retrograde until November 10th

Mercury retrograde is a notorious STAR, as in celebrity.

Almost as well known as the sun signs is Astrology’s Murphy’s Law: if anything can go wrong it will when Mercury is retrograde!

We now know that planets do not in fact go retrograde; it is an effect produced by the different speeds of the earth and the planet appearing to retrograde.

But astrology is a… Continue reading

The Earth is the Centre of the Universe!

Astrology’s expulsion from the universities of Europe was heralded by the discovery that the Earth, so it continues to be said, orbits around the Sun as do all the other planetary bodies except our Moon. After that discovery, how could astrology be true when the science it was based on was fundamentally incorrect? You must admit, astrology is less sexier when the Earth is not… Continue reading

Writing & Alchemy

The best metaphor I have for the writing process is an alchemical one. In alchemy, you turn lead, or some other worthless substance (referred to as the prima materia) into priceless gold. In writing, the prima materia is raw content and gold is the finished assignment. Writing work is a process of transformation just like alchemy.

Because each alchemist practiced their art in an individual… Continue reading