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My January/February 50% Sale is On!

Happy New Year!

It’s my 50% sale of the year for appointments attended during January and February! My usual fee is $150 but you can see me for $75 and have your stars read for a mere $75 Canadian.

For first time clients, I recommend All About You – a session designed to empower you with knowledge… Continue reading

I’m speaking for Astrology Toronto October 18 and 19

The weekend of October 18 and 19 is a special one: Astrology Toronto will be holding its bi-annual “How to Read Your Horoscope” Intensive. It’s a two-day crash course for very little cost; Astrology Toronto holds it not to make any money, but rather as a service to the public by providing an opportunity to learn what astrology is really about. By the end of… Continue reading

My Presidential Letter from Astrology Toronto

My activities for Astrology Toronto have kept me pretty busy. Sorry about that. Soon though I’ll have more information about upcoming events and special deals you’ll know you’ll want to take advantage of. Stay tuned! If you want to receive the Astrology Toronto Presidential Letter by yours truly, click the following link to opt in: http://eepurl.com/2eBJL