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Happy Birthday Taurus!

Congratulations Taureans! The transiting Sun entered the tropical sign of Taurus on April 20 at 4:55 p.m. EDT. If you’re a Taurus, your birthday is happening over the the next month! Birthday greetings to you and all the best for you over the coming year.

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About Taurus… and being a Taurean

Even if you are not a bonifide Taurean, the sign of Taurus is in your personal horoscope somewhere, interacting with other celestial factors that in total reflect who you are. Remember, everything in the universe had something to say about you when you were born!

Somewhere, the pattern of Taurus, the sign at the centre of the Northern Hemisphere’s spring season, dwells within you. You could easily be born under a different sign, yet have one or more other significant factors placed there, such as your Moon or Rising Sign. And every year at this time, in whatever way you are connected to Taurus, the Sun’s transit through the sign coincides with its personal activation. Plus you may know some Taureans, and the below might be helpful to know what they are going through.

Taurus is the necessary antidote to many of the previous sign’s (Aries’) limitations: where Aries may rush in recklessly, Taurus takes its time; where Aries may at times be the hare that doesn’t finish the race, Taurus’ tortoise can choose to relentlessly pursue goals to attainment no matter how long it takes; and, where Aries may have a vision of what new things should be, Taurus has the faculties for establishing the necessary foundations to support and enrich what is.

The astrological literature associates a number of boo-hurrah traits with the sign: on the plus side, Taureans are said to be patient, practical, persevering, loyal, steady, thorough, reliable and thus, productive. On the minus, Taureans are also said to be also stubborn, greedy, indolent, jealous, possessive, and slow.

Without there being any really significant discussion about the matter, it has been assumed that Sun sign psychology is equivalent to a set of traits. While such keywords are helpful for beginners, a more mature framework is required for grasping of what it means to have the Sun placed in a sign.

Taureans will fit on a spectrum of these traits at different points in their lives, just like any other group of people. However, words such as these are inadequate because they have no context: your opinion of a trait can vary greatly depending on where you are in relationship to it. It can be very clear and obvious to me that you are being stubborn, but I am really just persevering!

Boo-Hurrah traits associated with the signs can even provide the justification for folks who know a little astrology to shame others when they think someone is exhibiting one or more of their so-called Sun-sign “bad” traits. “If only you could speed up,” one well-meaning but naive soul might ask a Taurean. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and humility before the mystery of every person is always a good idea, particularly if you are going to use astrology as a healing tool. The better stance is to let people become who they are, which is really what the Sun-Sign’s psychological function is.

As Taurus actor Glenn Ford is remarked: “I have one other speed and it’s slower.”

Perhaps the time has come for a more critical approach to the Sun sign literature for there is a definite need to stop pathologizing them. Perhaps their “bugs” are really features!

Another perhaps more useful way of understanding what it means when the Sun is placed in a sign is to see it as a non-linear dynamic process occurring primarily between four dimensions:

  • Purpose – what is the sign’s natural best intent?
  • Virtue – what quality is required for this purpose to be achieved?
  • Challenge – what state must be overcome when the Virtue is seemingly absent or under-developed, aka “the Negation”?
  • Over-compensation – what happens when the Negation masquerades as the Virtue?

These four dimensions are contained in the same symbol because depending on how the individual is brought up, educated etc. may give rise to apparent different behaviours.

The signs that can be thought of as thin distinctly coloured semi-transparent membranes through which the planets, which psychologically symbolize the primary set of drives of the psyche, are stylized and fueled. In astrology, the Sun is considered a planet because it too wanders relative to the stars that form the constellations (the word planet comes from the ancient Greek word for wanderer) and symbolizes the set of drives for for self-expression. In a personal horoscope, the Sun is the celestial orchestra conductor: its purpose is to make all the planets make sweet music together in concert.

Most are charmed when someone tells us we are like our Sun Signs because it means they see the brightest light within us. We all develop as we mature and it’s genuinely difficult not to swell with pride when others notice it. But the Sun in the sign always stylizes who we are in a solar way: more extroverted, more about your potential always, and the continuing life-long path for realization of self.

The Sun is really only one of many factors and although always present, it may say more about your future than where you are today (particularly if you are very young). Your Rising Sign and Moon Sign may tell the Astrologer more about what you are like in the moment and your habitual responses .

It always seems to shock people that a professional astrologer could say that the Sun Sign doesn’t automatically make anyone anything and to realize one’s full solar potential always means struggle and pain. The Sun in your horoscope represents your inner hero’s uncomfortable, difficult, and dangerous journey towards becoming who you have been called to be, and make a difference in your sphere of influence.

Let’s quickly analyze Taurus according to our four dimensions:

  • Purpose – Taurus is about establishing stability and building up substance. Aries is always the first wave, a kind of heroic direction setting, but Taurus is the clean-up division that must thoroughly secure, solidify, and enhance what is already in place.
  • Virtue – Taurus accomplishes its goal through determination. When you are on the other side of it, it can appear like bull-headed stubbornness and to some extent it is. But healthy forms of it stem from a Taurean when they have identified something of value worth holding onto. If you don’t understand what it is, and can offer something demonstrably more valuable, your Taurean is not inclined to budge at all.
  • Challenge – If the negation of the virtue is the challenge, is there such a thing as a weak-willed Taurean? Indeed, one encounters such creatures everyday! But what it usually presents as is a kind of anxiety that most Taureans will not let anyone see. This anxiety stems from not knowing where the safety is in a current situation with safety being defined as the most valuable earth to be rooted in. A Taurus without a feeling for this is an unhappy beast indeed, for reasons I’ll explore after this list.
  • Over-compensation – The dynamic of anxiety pretending to be determination produces a pathological relentlessness that can go to ridiculous extremes. Think of Hitler (arguably the most infamous of all Taureans in history – to be fair, the other side of it is that the Buddha is said to have been born a Taurus and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II shares Adolph’s birthday) directing his generals that no under no circumstances must a German army surrender a single centimeter of ground to the enemy, effectively taking away from his own military necessary strategic retreats and resulting in the deaths of at least hundreds of thousands of his own men!

Threaded in all this concern with the practical realities of life (Taurus is an earth sign after all) is the issue of materialism. The sad truth is that the Taurean realm is so valuable that it is tightly controlled from what we are told we are allowed to do with our bodies to how the economics that underpin our political systems are geared to enable the 1% at the top of the hierarchy to make billions and pay no taxes, with corporations being treated as legal persons in everything but electoral rights (so far).

Traditionally, Taurus is considered a feminine sign and I cannot but help point out how much the patriarchal structures we grow up under have legislated this aspect of life and why? Because a culture built on domination must control the physical to ensure it generates a profit and the males at the top get to further their genetic line with its fortune intact and growing.

For Taurus (the sign not individuals), currency is a recent invention. Money is really valueless – it only means something because of what you can exchange it for and that’s based on what others think the amount of currency you have is worth.

What Taurus really wants are real things, real connections and real experiences based on good value, classic design, practical applications, and the feeling of quiet luxury. But when a Taurean does not understand what is worth pouring their time, talent, treasure and love into, money can become something to be relentless about. However, Taureans are certainly not alone regarding becoming obsessed with money (there are other astrological symbols that relate to financing in a personal horoscope) and there are plenty of other things a Taurean can become relentless about, including everyday addictions (food anyone?) or even abstract things like a particular world view or philosophy.

Whereas the demand on the previous sign Aries was to exist, Taurus is asked to own (the key phrase is “I have”). As a stewarding function directed to material concerns, Taurus should be about ensuring everyone has enough for their fundamental needs. Yet on a global level we are far from this ideal and even in the most developed nations, poverty of many kinds is common.

The concept of ownership should not be restricted to the popular but very mistaken consumerist view that the one who dies with the most toys wins. Ownership is about experiencing the full sensations of being a physical being and taking delight in the senses. Ownership is also about taking good care of and appreciating what has been given to you and working slowly to continuously improve it. Ownership on the interpersonal level is accepting what belongs to you in any relationship and genuinely valuing what is most valuable in others.

Here in Toronto, spring is just beginning to be felt even though the light is so much brighter. Go outside on any given day and not much is happening. But day to day, small things are appearing indicating the firm establishment of the Northern Hemisphere spring. Wherever you happen to be, nature in its slow, inexorable way will have its way just as surely as a tree root can splinter even rock and stone. Taurus energy is not to be underestimated: once in motion, it is inexorable. Nothing can create -or destroy- the way Taurus can.

Taurus is all about good quality simple necessities of the physical realm and the task is to construct an identity rooted in something truly worthy of their many gifts.

Taurus Considerations 2019

Making individual predictions for an entire year based on a single factor in a person’s horoscope is never entirely satisfactory because every person’s horoscope includes multiple factors and is distinct, guaranteeing that all things are never equal for all persons born under the same sign.

Nevertheless, here a couple of things to keep in mind Taurus over the year ahead:

An Unexpected Shake-up in Taurus

If the heading alarms you, you can relax somewhat if you’re born later in the sign – the slow moving and invisible (mostly) to the naked eye Uranus has moved into your sign – with implications for all of us.

Uranus first entered Taurus in May 2018, but after a retrograde back into the previous sign Aries, it finally entered Taurus to stay until 2025-6 on March 6.

Taurus is traditionally ruled by Venus. Like all sign changes of a collective planet like Uranus, it represents a generational shift: children born with Uranus in Taurus will contend with a set of new collective ideas related to Taurean areas of concern, not the least of these is resources (money) and questions about what is truly of value. We are in a time where it is reasonable to expect changes in the banking and financial sectors and attitudes regarding how resources should be allocated, invested and spent. Uranus last transited Taurus from 1934-35 until 1941-42, a tumultuous time for the world which saw a variety of experiments to counter the economic upheaval due to the Great Depression and the re-allocation of resources for many nations towards World War II, a conflict many governments paid for by increasing taxes on their wealthiest citizens.

There are already voices in the political arena that are calling for a similar urgency regarding the impact we are having on our environment and taxing excessive individual and corporate profits to fund what some are calling “the Green New Deal”.

On a personal level, Uranus in your sign means experiencing unexpected, unsettling, turbulent yet exciting changes over the next as Uranus transits your Sun degree impacting:

  • Your relationships with men in general
    (Note: the Sun is classically considered masculine in comparison the the Moon, which is considered feminine. Because of our more fluid times regarding gender roles, whether this distinction is still accurate is controversial in the field.)
  • Any connection you have to the notion of fathers, father figures and fathering
    (Note: Again, classically Sun is a symbol for father and Moon is a symbol for mother, but these designations are not universally held to be true by all astrologers.)
  • Your boss
  • Your profession
  • Your personal identity
  • Your individual will
  • Your drive for autonomy and independence
  • Your sense of purpose and future aspirations.

Most people don’t like change and all the literature suggests that Taureans resist it most of all. But in gardening, sometimes pruning is necessary to serve the purpose of the gardener. Sometimes a break in the conditions can be viewed as liberating rather than shattering. Perhaps this is a time when freedom and innovation must trump baseline security concerns because necessity is often the mother of invention. It is very human only to look for something better when something you thought you had has suddenly vanished.

Equally possible is the arrival of new connections, fresh ideas and unique solutions. Uranus brings revolution, which can be something of a wild tiger to ride at times. Relate to the new things that may come into your life over this time even if not all of them prove lasting. Astrologers often say that forecasting for a Uranus interaction is impossible to some degree because it is always a surprise, pleasant or unpleasant. The best stance is to explore as many new things as you can and be prepared to embrace whatever new order appears for the freedom and new creative vistas it offers.

Capitalization on the Capricorn Alignment

I have written about Saturn-Pluto coming up to their conjunction in 2020, and just before, Jupiter joining them in that sign. For all of us, there’s a push to clean up our acts… or else.

For Taurus though, the potential pay-off for doing so is huge. But will you take full advantage of it? Good things may be offered to you and conditions may ease in a way, the heaviness of the alignment is still heavy. Those Taureans born in the last third of the sign though are in a position to join their will with the alignment in a harmonious way that could greatly expand their influence and profile. There would be a price of course – more responsibility and perhaps more enemies to contend with. A more internal choice would be to focus on self-purification and control. Or maybe you need to do both!

Trouble is, it’s potentially a lot of work. Does Taurus want to leave its comfortable pasture and simple routine for more complexity? Uh – how much did you say you’d pay me?

You should be able to decide with this one, but it’s not impossible increased responsibility will fall into your lap. If it does, use these conditions to conform to what would be most valuable for you.

You can learn more about Taurus here.