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Happy Birthday Gemini!

Congratulations Geminis! The transiting Sun entered the tropical sign of Gemini on May 21 at 3:59 a.m. EDT. If you’re a Gemini, your birthday is happening over the next month! Birthday greetings to you and all the best for you over the coming year. It’s your month – make the most of it.

Hope you enjoy what’s in this birthday letter to you:

General Forecast for Gemini 2019-20
Birthday Personal Reading Sale for Geminis!
What Does the Month of Gemini Season Mean for Non-Geminis?
About Gemini
The Gemini Dynamic

General Forecast for Gemini 2019-20

Making a forecast for an entire year based on a single astrological factor is never entirely satisfactory because everyone’s personal horoscope includes multiple factors, such as highlighting additional signs, and is distinct, guaranteeing that all things are never equal for all persons born under the same sign.

Nevertheless, there is one big alignment to keep in mind dear Gemini in reference to your Sun-Sign over the year ahead:

Jupiter in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces

I have been writing about this alignment all year as indeed there are three times when it is exact, the second one happening on June 16 at 11:21 EDT.

Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system symbolizes everything big and moral and Neptune…

Neptune is mysterious.

Understanding Neptune’s symbolic meaning is difficult because the nature of the symbol itself resists definition. It is cloud-like and associated with deception, confusion, illusion and delusion, but also the deepest spiritual realizations related to compassion, empathy, and even accessing the divine ground of being itself through spiritual practices. Neptune is undoubtedly extreme: it can accompany the greatest con job or the realization of the divine truths underpinning the physical world around us.

A Neptunian influence can be an unwelcome one for Geminis because the sign tends towards rational clarity, not a feeling-toned cloud of opaqueness that one is just supposed to surrender to. Furthermore, it undermines whatever the status quo has been in terms of solar affairs such as:

  • Your relationships with men in general
    (Note: the Sun is classically considered masculine in comparison the the Moon, which is considered feminine. Because of our more fluid times regarding gender roles, whether this distinction is still accurate is controversial in the field.)
  • Any connection you have to the notion of fathers, father figures and fathering
    (Note: Again, classically Sun is a symbol for father and Moon is a symbol for mother, but these designations are not universally held to be true by all astrologers.)
  • Your boss
  • Your profession
  • Your personal identity
  • Your individual will
  • Your drive for autonomy and independence
  • Your sense of purpose and future aspirations.

The most important thing for Gemini this year, particularly if you were born in the second half of the sign, is not to panic. This Jupiter-Neptune alignment is challenging but not without rewards in terms of inspiration. You simply need a place for yourself where you can dream, imagine and weave a new way of being in the world for yourself. This may entail:

  • Coming to terms with losses from the past and if so, you need to find new ways to weep your grief clean away
  • Big projects and big possibilities and if so, take care of your health even as you pursue your big goals
  • Needing to keep your imagination (or something or someone even more cunning) from running away with you and if so, keep your secrets
  • Coming to agreement quickly with those who oppose you as others will be generous if you are

Through it all dear Gemini, identify those true places of buoyancy to support your light, airy and versatile spirit. Yours is a year pregnant with possibilities.

Birthday Personal Reading Sale for Geminis!

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What Does the Month of Gemini Season Mean for Non-Geminis?

Even if you are not a Gemini, the sign of Gemini is in your personal horoscope somewhere, interacting with other celestial factors that in their totality reflect who you are. Remember, everything in the universe had something to say about you when you were born!

Gemini is the adaptable air sign at the end of the official Northern Hemisphere’s spring. You could easily be born under a different sign, yet have one or more other significant factors placed there, such as your Moon or Rising Sign. And every year at this time, in whatever way you are connected to Gemini, the Sun’s transit through the sign coincides with both a general and personal activation.

General suggestions for the best use of the month of Gemini for the other eleven Sun Signs are as follows:

  • Cancer – Gravitate towards conversations and situations near at hand but keep your own counsel. Take command of any immediate concerns and make sure you get time for you.
  • Leo – Persuade your friends to get together or throw a party. On the other hand, if you want to be serious, hanging out with your colleagues wouldn’t be a bad choice either as long as you get to be social.
  • Virgo – Pursue your professional goals. Displaying your ingenuity can only help you at this time.
  • Libra – Good for a vacation with a companion you enjoy or a mental voyage that will expand your mind.
  • Scorpio – If there’s a mystery requiring investigating, what you might learn could change you. Or maybe you just need to drop out of sight on your own or with a partner for a while.
  • Sagittarius – Find someone you can talk to and listen to in return for partnerships and advice.
  • Capricorn – Rational multi-tasking is the order of the month, making sure the rituals that keep you healthy are maintained and enhanced.
  • Aquarius – Find time for some light-hearted fun of all kinds and you’ll be easily able to re-create yourself.
  • Pisces – Time to attend to essentials at home or putting the dreams your hopes rest on in proper perspective by reading a helpful book like Getting Things Done.
  • Aries – Concentrate your thoughts to identify the smaller targets that can lead you to your bigger goals.
  • Taurus – Good time to invent new things or new ways of doing existing things.

For personal suggestions, you would need a reading from a professional astrologer such as myself.

About Gemini

Aries (Fire) and Taurus (Earth) establish that spirit can be born into matter and live. But this is not enough – Air is next to add the dimension of the mind to the mix. Mental stimulation and words to name and discuss all the connections between intellectual concepts and real things. A way to make sense of the many multiple connections and correlations. Gemini is always in a hurry and perpetually late like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland because there is so much ground to be covered.

The astrological literature associates a number of boo-hurrah traits with the sign: on the plus side, Geminis are said to be agile, charming, clever, communicative, curious, eloquent, imitative intellectual and quick. On the minus, Geminis are also said to be also amoral, contradictory, double-dealing, flighty, glib, high-strung, insensitive, prone to mood swings, and scattered. Although Aquarius has the reputation for being the most eccentric sign, I think it more true of Gemini whose mercurial temperament makes it capable of almost anything.

The story of Gemini in myth is of not one or two sets of twins but in typical Greek fashion, Zeus only immortalizes Castor and Pollux – the male pair in the sky whereas the females in the tale, namely Klytmenestra and the (in)famous Helen of Troy are forgotten parts of the Gemini story.

Within each gendered pair, one was fathered by Tyndareus, the mortal King of Sparta and the other by Zeus, end-state chief deity of bloody Greek myth when he cleverly transformed himself, and the twins’ mother Leda, into swans.

When mortal Castor is killed, divine Pollux asks Zeus to allow Castor to share in his immortality and turns them into the constellation in which they experience appearing high in the heavens and low beneath the horizon depending on the time of year.

When the divine Helen is taken away by Prince Paris to his city of Troy, hers is the face that launches a 1,000 Greek ships to wage a 10 year war against the city to bring her back again. There are so many a spin-off tales from the conflict, one even into Roman myth, that it might require a strong Gemini dexterity just to remember all the names!

One of those stories is the tale of mortal female twin Klytemnestra, who was married to Agamemnon, King of of Mycenae, but murdered him with the help of his cousin while in the bath by stabbing him to death. Her reason? He returned with the Trojan princess Cassandra as a war prize after defeating and pillaging Troy. The Queen of Mycenae was not going to tolerate any competition.

Klytemnestra’s death came in turn at the hand of her son Orestes, after he learned the news from Apollo and told to avenge his father’s death. Orestes was placed on trial for the serious sin of matricide, but is acquitted due to the deciding vote being cast by Athena, the patron goddess of heroes.

So many stories for the Gemini mind to report on!

But it’s not all sweetness and light by a long shot and its important to remember that a fundamental duality lies at the Gemini center. The divine Marilyn Monroe, one time sex goddess movie star was a Gemini, so was the object of her passion, President John F. Kennedy, so was serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer as is Kanye West and President Donald J. Trump. One astrologer told me that in his study of birthdays of the official saints, he found few of them are Geminis. I wasn’t surprised at all. Gemini saints aren’t likely to be orthodox ones! Think of Angelina Jolie and her very personal humanitarian causes, another famous Gemini.

The Gemini Dynamic Process

Without there being any really significant discussion about the matter, it has been assumed that Sun sign psychology is equivalent to a set of traits. While such keywords are helpful for beginners, a more mature framework is required for grasping of what it means to have the Sun placed in a sign. One needs to understand the signs as a dynamic process.

Geminis will fit on a spectrum of the traits above at different points in their lives, just like any other group of people. However, words such as these are inadequate because they have no context: your opinion of a trait can vary greatly depending on where you are in relationship to it. It can be very clear and obvious to me that you talk too much, but I am really just perfectly communicative!

Boo-Hurrah traits associated with the signs can even provide the justification for folks who know a little astrology to shame others when they think someone is exhibiting one or more of their so-called Sun-sign “bad” traits.

“If only you could concentrate on one thing at a time,” one well-meaning but naive soul might ask a Gemini. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and humility before the mystery of every person is always a good idea, particularly if you are going to use astrology as a healing tool. The better stance is to let people become who they are, which is really what the Sun-Sign’s psychological function is remember.

It’s a fact that many processes require one to attend to more than one thing at once. Remember that having the Sun placed in a Zodiac sign is a developmental statement. From the outside, Gemini can appear scattered, but for the sign juggling is the critical skill being developed. And there are no end of jobs that require the ability to multi-task.

Perhaps the time has come for a more critical approach to the Sun sign literature for there is a definite need to stop pathologizing them. Perhaps their “bugs” are really features!

The Gemini Dynamic process is non-linear development occurring between four dimensions:

  • Purpose – what is the sign’s natural best intent?
  • Virtue – what quality is required for this purpose to be achieved?
  • Challenge – what state must be overcome when the Virtue is seemingly absent or under-developed, something I will refer to as “the Negation”?
  • Over-compensation – what happens when the Negation masquerades as the Virtue?

These four dimensions are contained in the same symbol because depending on how the individual is brought up, educated etc. may give rise to behaviours that superficially appear to be different.

Let’s quickly analyze Gemini according to our four dimensions:

  • Purpose – Gemini is about constructing a mental map of one’s environment or area of intellectual attention and being able to share it by gesture, verbalization or written word.
  • Virtue – Gemini accomplishes its goal through versatility that stems from openness to ideas about things that enable it to learn, adapt and communicate.
  • Challenge – If the negation of the virtue is the challenge, is there such a thing as a closed-off silent Gemini? Rarely and not by choice probably! However, a biased Gemini is a real thing. They read it somewhere or somebody told them or they saw it in their social media feed and now it’s gospel. This leads to…
  • The over-compensation – The dynamic of bias pretending to be openness produces superficiality, a pathological trait often mentioned in the literature. A closed mind is a dangerous thing for anyone, but for Gemini, it represents a short-circuiting of the fundamental core regarding what the sign is all about.

You can learn more about Gemini here.