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Happy Birthday Cancer!

Congratulations Cancers! It’s what you need to know: the transiting Sun entered your sign on June 21 at 11:54 a.m. EDT. If you’re a Cancer, your birthday is happening over the next month! Birthday greetings to you and all the best for the coming year. It’s your month – have what you need to feel nurtured.

Hope you enjoy what’s in my birthday letter to you:

General Forecast for Cancer 2019-20
Birthday Personal Reading Sale for Cancers!
What Does the Month of Cancer Season Mean for Non-Cancers?
About Cancer
The Cancer Dynamic

General Forecast for Cancer 2019-20

Making a forecast for an entire year based on a single astrological factor is never entirely satisfactory because everyone’s personal horoscope includes multiple factors, that among other things, highlight additional signs and reveal other influencers, creating a distinct pattern. All things are never equal for all persons born under the same sign ever. So as always – YMMV.

Nevertheless, the Astrologer can review the most major factors and discuss in very general terms the shaping trends for each sign. Individual results may vary for the reasons I outlined above and because Cancer, like all signs, is a 30 degree span along the Sun’s apparent path through the sky as it shines through the Earth’s seasons. Where possible I will differentiate themes based on how early, middle or late an individual was born during the Sun’s passage through Cancer because that makes a difference.

As always, the influences I describe do not make anything happen – they are not causal, but only reflect or herald what is already happening. As I am talking about the Sun Sign, all these influences are most inclined to be recognizable in the following spheres:

  • Your relationships with men in general
    (Note: the Sun is classically considered masculine in comparison the the Moon, which is considered feminine. Because of our more fluid times regarding gender roles, whether this distinction is still accurate is controversial in the field.)
  • Any connection you have to the notion of fathers, father figures and fathering
    (Note: Again, classically Sun is a symbol for father and Moon is a symbol for mother, but these designations are not universally held to be true by all astrologers.)
  • Your boss
  • Your profession
  • Your personal identity
  • Your individual will
  • Your drive for autonomy and independence
  • Your sense of purpose and future aspirations.

Remember the Sun Sign is only one symbol that reveals something about how the solar principle operates in you. There are many others an astrologer would explore in a personal reading. And remember, the Sun is but one of astrology’s heavenly bodies worthy of consideration: the Moon Sign and Phase are at least equal in importance, among many others.

Nevertheless, here are some astrological considerations you might find interesting.

First, if you were born in roughly the last third of the sign, particularly around the two thirds mark, if you are experiencing strong headwinds, and are feeling like you’re prevented from where where you want to go and/or are being forced down a path you’d rather not go, you are not alone. It’s legitimately what astrologers like to euphemistically call a challenging influence in that area of the zodiac.

I have written about and discussed the line up of astrology’s significant planets in Cancer’s opposing sign: approaching the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 2020 in Capricorn, and just before, Jupiter joining them in that sign. On a global level and on a personal level, there’s a push to clean up our acts… or else.

For a Cancer when this theme is active, it can feel like the Universe is saying no on every level when there’s such desperation for things to go your way. The obstacle can vary – it could be just circumstances “the luck of the draw” or it could even take the form of a person or even a group of people.

Feeling despair at being blocked and unable to do anything is a possible personal response. But equally so, is relishing shifting to new strategies where you can and surrendering where you cannot. This influence can indicate victories only made possible from the work you’ve done in the past, but even still, they must be transformative. And that means a need for good grief work when you need to say good-bye to something or someone dear Cancer. The rituals are important because for you the past is especially present.

Anything Saturn touches is really a test of how much effort i.e. how much time and effort -no bullshit- have you put in on the work? Everyone falls short of perfection and is graded accordingly. But even from failure, maybe especially from failure, you can learn things you couldn’t learn without making the attempt.

Regardless of your score, the issue is a call to balance worldly demands and self-care. This influence can be passionately ambitious and want everything immediately when a more measured approach taking the long view is called for. Cancer needs to be needed, but Cancers have needs to be nurtured just as much. Ensuring those needs are met will go a long way in weathering this demanding influence.

The second influence is Neptune currently in Pisces

Neptune is mysterious.

Understanding what Neptune means is difficult because the nature of the symbol resists definition. It is cloud-like and associated with deception, confusion, illusion and delusion, but also the deepest spiritual realizations related to compassion, empathy, and even accessing the divine ground of being itself through mystical experience. Neptune is undoubtedly extreme: it can accompany the greatest con job or the realization of the divine truths underpinning the physical world around us.

Recently this influence has been most strongly influencing Cancers born near the middle of their month, but it will move to surpass the two thirds mark by the time the Sun reaches Cancer in 2020.

My hope would be this could be just the kind of healing balm those Cancers need but not every Cancer may be inclined to welcome Neptune, although Cancer is more inclined I think to be sympathetic to the planet’s nature.

Cancer’s feeling this influence need to track their dreams, divine discontent and longings and seek out experiences of purification and bliss. Sometimes Neptune is a necessary time of literally shedding tears – a real blessing with long-term results. Other possibilities include spiritual practices and artistic pursuits as both can bear rich fruit under Neptunian auspices.

The third influence is coming from Uranus newly entered into Taurus.

Cancers born in the first third of the sign may be surprised by the opportunities that are out there for them if they only look. Some have called the kind of connections more “thoughts and prayers” than anything else, but I am not convinced that’s fair.

Such opportunities always require effort and in your case Cancer, I’d be looking to your social circle especially for surprising new contacts that could be a breath of fresh air for you.

In December 2019, Jupiter enters Capricorn, joining Saturn and Pluto. The planet speeds through most of the sign by April 2020, before retrograding back to the middle by late summer and entering Aquarius conjoining Saturn in December next year. This opposition to you Cancer is lighter in tone, but more about simultaneously having faith in your position, but with a real need to see the rightness in opinions around you.

A complex picture for you Cancer as all the big planets make significant connections to parts of your sign during the year. Through it all dear Cancer, be open to change and agreeing with your adversaries wherever possible should any arise.

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What Does the Month of Cancer Season Mean for Non-Cancers?

Even if you are not a Cancer, the sign of Cancer is in your personal horoscope somewhere, interacting with other celestial factors that in their totality reflect who you are. Remember, everything in the universe had something to say about you when you were born!

Cancer is the driven water sign that marks the beginning of the official Northern Hemisphere’s summer. You could easily be born under a different sign, yet have one or more other significant factors placed there, such as your Moon or Rising Sign. And every year at this time, in whatever way you are connected to Cancer, the Sun’s transit through the sign coincides with both a general and personal activation.

General suggestions for the best use of the month of Cancer for the other eleven Sun Signs are as follows:

  • Leo – Nurture yourself by getting quality me-time this month as you reflect on all your dreams for your birthday month in the coming next!
  • Virgo – Nurture yourself with by hanging with friends and colleagues who share your attitudes and hopes for the future.
  • Libra – Nurture yourself by feeding your ambitions regarding your role in the world, including your profession.
  • Scorpio – Nurture yourself by taking a trip or opening your mind in other ways such as through religious or educational pursuits.
  • Sagittarius- Nurture yourself by scheduling some special intimate time with your significant other.
  • Capricorn – Nurture yourself through negotiation, seeking wise counsel and enjoying one-on-one social occassions.
  • Aquarius – Nurture yourself through self-care, attending to the routine small daily rituals that support your life and health.
  • Pisces – Nurture yourself by finding recreational light-hearted fun time of all kinds.
  • Aries – Nurture yourself by attending to matters at hand requiring your attention on the homefront.
  • Taurus – Nurture yourself with some summer reading and good fresh eats. They’ll clear your mind.
  • Gemini – Nurture yourself by pouring your energy into those activities that you love the most because they are worthy of personal investment.

For personal suggestions, you would need a reading from a professional astrologer such as myself.

About Cancer

With Cancer, we come to the end of the first elemental sequence since beginning the tropical zodiacal year in Aries (Fire), and continuing through Taurus (Earth) and Gemini (Air) to come to Cancer: the first Water sign, completing the first of three iterations of the cycle. Cancer embodies the truth that familial bonds, a connection to one’s roots, and a relatedness through which feelings can be expressed and exchanged safely are all requirements to complete the human person.

The astrological literature associates a number of boo-hurrah traits with the sign: on the plus side, Cancers are said to be busy, cautious, consoling, maternal, protective, tenacious, and thrifty. On the minus, Cancers are also said to be also clannish, manipulative, smothering, and sulky, with an inclination to live vicariously through others.

One Cancer told me that the sign is really Scorpio in a housecoat, but I assured him a crab’s claws can pinch cruelly in a tender spot, if they know where to go, and a motivated Cancer always does.

Why? Cancer is probably the most psychic of the signs: the rulership of the sign by the Moon seems to grant them easy access to all the karmic records regarding what was, what is and what is yet to be. They also are highly attuned to what the people around them need. A dangerous quality in an adversary.

Fortunately, most Cancers recognize that their process of becoming whole requires deeply bonding with others by giving and receiving nurturance. Only in such development are Cancers able to fully open the flow of feelings and creativity towards the persons, projects and things they love.

The Cancer Dynamic Process

Without there being any really significant discussion about the matter, it has been assumed that Sun sign psychology is equivalent to a set of traits. While such keywords are helpful for beginners, a more mature framework is required for grasping of what it means to have the Sun placed in a sign. One needs to understand the signs as a dynamic process.

Cancers will fit on a spectrum of the traits above at different points in their lives, just like any other group of people. However, words such as these are inadequate because they have no context: your opinion of a trait can vary greatly depending on where you are in relationship to it. It can be very clear and obvious to me that you are smothering, but I am really just being protective!

Boo-Hurrah traits associated with the signs can even provide the justification for folks who know a little astrology to shame others when they think someone is exhibiting one or more of their so-called Sun-sign “bad” traits.

“If only you could be more direct,” one well-meaning but naive soul might ask a Cancer. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and humility before the mystery of every person is always a good idea, particularly if you are going to use astrology as a healing tool. The better stance is to let people become who they are, which is really what the Sun-Sign’s psychological function is remember.

It’s a fact that an indirect approach is tactically necessary when the strategic goal is that you don’t want everyone knowing your business prematurely. Remember that having the Sun placed in a Zodiac sign is a developmental statement. From the outside, Cancer can appear indirect (like its symbol the crab, it moves sideways), but for the sign eking out an existence at the water’s edge, detecting one’s environment, identifying goals and proceeding to accomplish them without others interfering is the critical skill being developed. And there is a magick in keeping one’s secret until the time ever comes for it to be unveiled.

Perhaps the time has come for a more critical approach to the Sun sign literature for there is a definite need to stop pathologizing them. Perhaps their “bugs” are really features!

The Cancer Dynamic process is non-linear development occurring between four dimensions:

  • Purpose – what is the sign’s natural best intent?
  • Virtue – what quality is required for this purpose to be achieved?
  • Challenge – what state must be overcome when the Virtue is seemingly absent or under-developed, something I will refer to as “the Negation”?
  • Over-compensation – what happens when the Negation masquerades as the Virtue?

These four dimensions are contained in the same symbol because depending on how the individual is brought up, educated etc. may give rise to behaviours that superficially appear to be different.

Let’s quickly analyze Cancer according to our four dimensions:

  • Purpose – Cancer is about unconditional nurturing and the relationship between the nurturer and the nurtured. Not all Cancers are domestic because not all children are of the body; many children spring from the imagination. Attending to the needs of and ensuring the continued sustainable growth of persons and/or projects is central.
  • Virtue – Cancer accomplishes its goal through a sympathy that stems from kindred feeling.
  • Challenge – If the negation of the virtue is the challenge, is there such a thing as an unsympathetic Cancer? Indeed there is, if the Cancer deems you outside their circle of concern which leads to…
  • The over-compensation – The dynamic of not caring pretending to be sympathetic produces manipulative tendencies, a pathological trait often mentioned in the literature. Being unsympathetic is a dangerous thing for anyone, but for Cancer, it represents a short-circuiting of the fundamental core regarding what the sign is all about.

You can learn more about Cancer here.